To bid on, or purchase, a vehicle at The Salvation Army’s Auto Auction, all participants must be sure to register as a bidder. Registration can be done during a preview day, or the morning of the auction. Preview days are held the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before each auction from 8:00AM – 5:30PM. Auctions take place on Saturdays. Participants must be registered before 10:00AM.  All participants who register before the official auction day will receive half off their registration fee. Those who register the day of auction will be required to pay the full registration fee of $10.

During the registration process, each participant receives a bidder number. Bidder numbers are printed cards used during the auction for bidding on vehicles. When registering to bid, each participant must sign a “promise to pay” contract stating they will pay for any vehicles won on the day of the auction by no later than 12:00PM.


Once a bid is placed on a vehicle, the participant can then purchase the vehicle. Bids are placed during the live auction event against other live bidders and are acknowledged by the Auctioneer.

Upon winning a bid, the participant will then need to confirm the amount, vehicle, and sign a receipt that again confirms their intent to buy the vehicle that day.


Once the auction has concluded, or the participant is done bidding on vehicles, required paperwork will be completed in The Center of Hope registration room. All title paperwork must be done the same day as the auction. All participants are required to bring a valid driver’s license with them to purchase vehicles.

Once paperwork is completed, all participants have until 3:00PM on the auction day to remove their vehicle. If a vehicle is unable to be moved, the auction coordinator will give permission for the car to be moved between 9:00AM-3:00PM the following Monday.

The ownership of any vehicles not removed by the following Friday after the auction, will revert back to The Salvation Army of Augusta, regardless if payment has been made.

Payment Type Accepted

Only cash and credit cards are accepted as payment