Center of Hope

The Salvation Army Center of Hope is a place where hope and basic needs are offered to homeless and low income individuals and families. All programs are offered free of charge. Programs offered at our Center of Hope location include a daily soup line serving both breakfast and dinner, homeless shelters, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, job skills training programs as well as other social services programs. These programs are made possible in part by the proceeds from the sale of donated vehicles from people right here in our community. The proceeds from the sale of any donated vehicle goes right back into The Center of Hope located at 1384 Greene Street, Augusta, GA, 30901.

You may have noticed it’s been a while since we have hosted one of our Auto Auctions at The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. That’s because we’ve spent this year evaluating our auto auction and have come to the conclusion that changes were needed. Going forward we will no longer hold a public auction as we have found it is significantly more cost effective to sell our donated vehicles at Augusta Auto Auction. These changes have helped to save The Salvation Army money, maximize available resources and allow the money that would have been spent towards hosting our auction to go directly back into all of our social service programs at The Center of Hope, thus better serving the community.

To learn more about these programs, call 706-826-7933.  To Donate, call 706-434-3178.